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Duncan C. McLean

Duncan C. McLean was born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1954. McLean attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal in the early 1970s. After moving to Toronto in 1978 he trained at George Brown College in the Signwriting program.
Since 1980, McLean has been the owner and director of The Lettering Shop, a custom sign shop and graphic display company in downtown Toronto. In 2008, he made his first submission of digital artwork to an open-call show at Gallery DK, near his studio in Parkdale. He has since exhibited at numerous venues around Toronto over the past ten years. His current practice includes an exploration of ultra-low resolution photographs and their interplay with the grid of modern architecture.

Artistic Statement

McLean, in his current art practice, explores ultra-low resolution digital photographs, where the square pixels that make up his images are fairly large and sharp. If the subject of McLean’s photo contains a significant number of square bits, like a building or city street, the grid of digital pixels may mesh with the rectangular shapes of the architecture to create an interesting interplay between image and pattern.

Some of McLean’s favourite subjects for this retro-style, 8-bit artistic treatment are Toronto’s high-rise office towers and condos. The result becomes an abstracted composition of colour and form, where glass and steel and atmosphere dissolve and re-emerge in a syncopated geometry.


Graphic/Digital Art, Photography

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