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Diego Rojas

Diego Rojas is a Colombian-born photographer who also calls Canada home. Having traveled across South America, he has a passion for capturing the essence of the places he visits; an essence largely represented by the people, their way of life, their experiences, and their culture. Diego has participated in several art and photography exhibitions, including the 2012 Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival with the “Painted Society” series.

Through his work, Diego wants to document the idiosyncrasies of people and the communities they inhabit. When he is not traveling, Diego is wondering the streets in search of the “decisive” moment. He wants to search for the everyday-beauty that surrounds us and we often ignore.

Artistic Statement

Having a camera in my hand means engaging the world and searching its beauty and magic. At the same time, it means stepping back and viewing life from “behind” the scenes. My approach as an artist and a photographer is to capture the essence of people, places, events, or in other words, the essence of the “action”.

Life can surprise us at any time and any place. My objective is to be receptive and open to these surprises. I prepare myself by connecting with my surroundings before shooting and acknowledging the culture, customs, and the reality of the places I visit. I also observe people and acknowledge their reaction to the camera and to the idea of being documented.

Through my work, I document the essence that makes the world what it is. Then I add my perspective based on the life I have lived.


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