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Dan Springer

Dan Springer is a Toronto based artist, designer and creator. Having studied at Sheridan College and Cleveland Institute of Art his first career path was graphic design and advertising but gradually gave way to a freer artistic expression in fine art. His design roots can still be seen in bold linework and startling graphic like paintings. Having a big influence from working with screenprinting and rock posters, Dan’s subject matter runs the gamut from pastoral landscapes to edgy cartoonish graphics. Dan wants to create memorable images that are bold enough to be ingrained on the viewers mind, bold, simple and to the point.

With several solo shows and many group shows in and outside of Canada under his belt, Dan has developed an international following and his work hangs in collections from Lisbon to Oslo, Japan to Toronto.

Artistic Statement

Never focused on one material, I use what I have or what I need to in order to make what I make. My usual material is acrylic on wood panels but I work with digital, vector based art a lot as well, I make 3D sculptures using cardboard, paint on bicycle bells... you name it.
My inspirations are wide and varied as well... what ever is tickling my fancy at the moment... it could be landscape, it could be motorcycles or bicycles... sometimes punk rock or sometimes my pets.


Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art, Painting, Installation Art

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