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Cristina Delago

Cristina Delago is a mosaic mural artist and works with different materials to produce the murals. She also does a fair amount of handcrafted tiles and installations and some 3-D ceramics. All her work is commissioned by either the private sector or for public art installations. For the last 7 years Cristina has been doing many community art projects involving youth at risk and public schools. She is also consulting to several organizations and architects with layouts and technical aspects of an installation.

Artistic Statement

I believe we are all connected, and my goal as an artist has always been to explore the layers of that contentedness. The passion I have is grounded in the four earth elements - earth, air, fire and water. Those elements are key to my role as a community artist making murals. They inspire me to continue exploring my connections to nature and to community, through individual commissioned works, but also through the creative process I undertake hand in hand, individuals and communities. I have always been grateful for the opportunity to assist in transforming fragmented communities through the creation of mural stories with recycled material. By doing that we somehow heal the earth in a very small way.


Painting, Installation Art, Mixed Media

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