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Craig White

By day I am a graphic designer for hire and got into art because a client asked for something unique for her walls. I am an outgoing person who is inspired by other people's stories; because of this, I work with many charities around the World, and am a part-time teacher at a school in Toronto that focuses on training recent immigrants. I am a lover of urban art and hip hop and have developed an art style that combines this with contemporary art.

Artistic Statement

Because of my training in design I am extremely fluent in Adobe Illustrator; when I was asked to take my design skills and use them for art, Illustrator was the first medium that came to mind. Balance and colour combinations are the most important part of what I do and that can be seen in all my pieces. I try to tell another person's personal story or struggle in my art hoping that it will connect with someone else who sees it. I am very picky about the print process because of my training. Paper and ink are key to completing the story. I always begin staring at a blank screen and recalling the story I want to tell.



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