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Corin Pinto

Corin Pinto comes with over 8 years of experience in community engaged visual arts practice. Her art has appeared in many exhibitions in Toronto, and she has been involved in multiple community art shows and festivals.

Corin has worked as a studio artist, teacher and facilitator in art programmes sponsored by public and private galleries and institutions including the City of Vaughn and the Toronto East Community Arts Program (TECAP). Currently she is on the Art Committee of the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto working towards making the private historic club more accessible to the community through public art openings, and uniting artistic communities province-wide.

In addition to her discipline as an encaustic artist, she is currently working to extend her career towards public and corporate works including mural art and sculpture.

Artistic Statement

I am an independent artist by profession. My work ranges from impressionistic to abstract. Encaustic has been my medium of choice for the past six years. My prior focus was figurative sculpture. My love for encaustic as a painting medium stems from its three dimensional sculptural quality combined with its essence of watercolour. I am experienced in various mediums and continue to learn and grow my skills as a versatile artist.

Art opens our memories, emotions, and desires at a soul level. Through art creation and appreciation, we are able to capture and share an unexplainable energy that goes beyond words. Through the reflective themes of my creations I aspire to transpire the essence of the memories, emotions and desires that move me through life.


Illustration, Photography, Mixed Media

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