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Christina Mazzulla

Christina is a Toronto based painter who has been working as a professional artist and showcasing work throughout Canada since graduating from OCADU in 2012. Her passion for street art combined with traditional fine art training has helped her form a unique style, and gain a large following throughout North America. Christina continues her creative pursuits within the gallery scene, while also remaining one of the few active female graffiti artists within Toronto. She has provided many commissioned and non profit murals for businesses, music/ arts festivals, and gallery’s in Toronto, Montreal, and New York. She has worked closely with StArt Toronto, along with many privately funded mural projects, and hopes to continue working with other Toronto based street art initiatives. Her work is currently hanging in Toronto, Montreal, and Denver, Colorado gallery shows. Her paintings explore metaphysical environments that challenge the spatial constructs of our regularly perceived reality. These multi-layered abstractions work to facilitate an experience of interconnectedness, escapism, and self-discovery.

Artistic Statement

My paintings are created as a critical response to the present social construction of reality. They reflect on post-modern dilemmas with an emphasis on physical environment, and the yearning for a return to the natural world. These paintings reminisce on a landscape lost, and view natural surroundings with nostalgia. The series was especially created as an escape from the dissatisfaction, and pressures brought on by the overwhelming pace of change and physical development within city life, and in turn to cope with the vulnerability and alienation that it can bring. On the contrary, this work celebrates struggle as progress; individual freedom, and the power to construct reality, as you desire.
With aerosol paints, I create multilayered abstractions of fabricated realities, that act as a hallucinatory vision, a distant dream, or memory lost. Through the use of gradients schemes, and unexpected color combinations I want to promote feelings of interconnectedness, self-discovery, individual, environmental, and societal evolution.


Painting, Aerosol

Artist Website

website: cmazzulla.com instagram: @cmazzulla

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