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Christiano De Araujo

Christiano is a self-taught artist who was born in Brazil. His love of art blossomed at a young age; one of his earliest childhood memories is when he found his sister’s crayons, that moment inspired a lifelong passion for the visual arts.

Christiano’s talent for drawing was evident throughout his years as a student in school. His first passion was comics and cartoons and at the age of 12 he drew his first comic strip. By his late teens he was working for several Brazilian newspapers and magazines doing editorial cartoons and illustrations.

Realizing that he wanted more opportunities than he could have in Brazil, Christiano chose to immigrate to Canada. He has since devoted much of his life to his art. His endeavors include drawing, oil and acrylic painting, airbrushing, cartooning and sculpting. Christiano is an artist by trade, finds art fun and likes to explore new media and techniques.

Artistic Statement

I believe that the Visual Arts are the most beautiful art form.
Everything that exists and ever existed once existed in someone's mind and imagination...
So, from the place of imagination and creativity, we create and do what we want and need. The magic of life is revealed before our eyes in each moment and this possibility inspires me to explore the many realms of visual arts and life.


Illustration, Painting, Aerosol, Installation Art

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