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Chris Perez

Chris Perez is a Toronto based artist who works with abstract imagery in the exploration of personal identity. He graduated from OCADU in 2012 through the Drawing and Painting program. After graduation he worked as a painter and artist, creating large scale murals and participating in live painting events. Chris is interested in circling around the ideas of the new generation of Canadian identity, pursing this idea using motifs of nature and abstract movement. He was recently commissioned to paint a mural in San Francisco and now looking to pursue a more international mark in the art world.

Artistic Statement

My artwork is a reflection of my personal experiences within the urban atmosphere; it is a representation of space and structured form. Movement and gestures are translated into a visual language of expressive mark making. I have recently been exploring themes in nature to describe my personal identity. Using abstract formations I want to circle around the idea of being a Canadian in contemporary society. The use of floral and organic shapes combined with the feel of the urban, taking the two and juxtaposing the atmospheres.


Illustration, Painting, Aerosol, Stencil Art, Mixed Media

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