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Cher MacNeill

Photographer Cher MacNeill was born in Montreal, Quebec. She studied photography via the Art and Art History program at the University of Toronto and Sheridan College. She also studied under pinhole photographer Dianne Bos and large format narrative portrait photographer Greg Miller. MacNeill has exhibited locally and abroad including shows at Nuit Blanche, Toronto (2007), Galerie MFK, Berlin, Germany (2007) and at Museo Comunale d'Arte Moderna, Senigallia, Italy (2011). MacNeill has led several pinhole photography workshops including one with the Luminato: Youth Photography Project (2014) where she oversaw the conversion of an automobile into a pinhole camera. MacNeill’s past work in film editing combined with an abiding passion for the natural environment drives her recent foray into large format photography and environmental art and continues to inform her work with pinhole photography. She currently resides in Toronto.

Artistic Statement

A pinhole camera has no lens. Light simply passes through a tiny hole. There is no viewfinder so the composition must be approximated. Exposure times are lengthy: anywhere from several seconds to several hours. Passages of time condense onto a single frame of film resulting in a type of visual metamorphosis. It is this transmutative effect that is a major source of inspiration in my work. My previous career as a film editor also informs my photo-taking. I regard pinhole imagery as a bridge between still photography and cinema: 24 seconds on a frame instead of 24 frames per second. I endeavour to use this photographic/cinematic interplay to create images that evoke narratives of time, memory and mood. I shoot with medium format film and finish digitally. My subject matter is drawn from architectural forms, movement and nature.



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