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Celia Moase

Celia Moase was born and raised on Prince Edward Island where her love for nature was innate and never stopped growing. Always the one with the camera, she would order double prints to give away to her friends and family to share the experience with them. After studying psychology in Halifax, which started her awareness in human compassion, Celia turned back to the camera and began exploring through photography how compassion is related to our time in nature.

Now based in Toronto, Celia has become involved in a number of things including sitting on the board of CAPIC Toronto – Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators, she has helped manage Analogue Gallery where she earned top-selling status, she has participated in Scotiabank’s Contact Photography Festival both in workshops and as an exhibitor. Celia is also a member of Toronto arts based organization Akin Collective where she works in her studio space.

Artistic Statement

Having grown up on the East Coast, our connection to nature has always been clear to me. After moving to Toronto, I realized city dwellers are not immersed in nature and tend to have a disconnection with it. I find this relationship runs deep and aim to re-establish it through my work. I believe the more time we spend in nature, the less we realize we need and the more we see how this was once where we came from. It connects us all. Nature teaches us to move slowly, which also comes out in my work as I photograph thoughtfully with film, snapping only the frames I need. Nature is also calming, grounding and brings a sense of peace to an otherwise hectic world. My goal is to bring nature back into our daily culture to let us experience these things more frequently.



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