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Caitlin McManus

Born and raised in Toronto, Caitlin is a photographer and biologist. Exploring the world through the lens of science and biology, she has always been endlessly curious with the world she lives in. Five years ago she picked up a camera and discovered how to express this curiosity to a wider audience.

Caitlin has worked with many different people during her career. From large organizations like the Royal Ontario Museum to small conservation groups like the Canadian Organization for Tropical Education and Rainforest Conservation, they are all involved in the scientific and humanitarian work that Caitlin wants capture through her photography. She is not only interested in the natural world that exists in remote, distant places, but also the boundaries where the natural and human worlds collide.

Artistic Statement

My camera is the tool I use to express my voice and soul in a way I have never known how to with words. The natural world is my biggest inspiration; it is not only limited to wild isolated spaces but also includes the natural urban world I am surrounded by in Toronto.

When I am working on a specific project, I spend time before going on location researching the client and that area; this allows me to envision photographs that I want to create. When I am in the field, I am shooting almost constantly, trying to create the images I envisioned but also capturing those decisive moments that are completely unpredictable.


Graphic/Digital Art, Photography

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