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Bryan Belanger

Bryan Belanger is a multidisciplinary artist inspired by multiple mediums and their relationship to one another. Art has always been his primary form of communication.

Belanger strives to surprise himself every time he sits down to create. His work is playful, passionate, and reflects the curious nature in us all. Bryan enjoys exploring with lines and uses contours of objects and faces in his work trigger the creativity in his audience; he likes nothing more when a viewer sees something in his work he hadn't noticed.

Artistic Statement

My inspiration stems primarily from lines and patterns found in nature. I layer form, colour, and concepts to awaken new feelings and perceptions in myself and my viewers.

I like to be inspired by site specific spaces, so I can find complimentary colours and line work to get the desired feel. My style is flexible; it can be both calm or bold, and can be designed to fit in many allotted time frames depending on the requirements.


Illustration, Painting

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