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Brianne Burnell

Brianne Burnell is a Toronto-based digital artist who specializes in repeat pattern design and colourful abstract work. Working professionally since 2013, Burnell has explored a number of artistic ventures including illustrating children's books, creating editorial illustrations for print publications, collaborating with local fashion designers, and creating album artwork for Toronto musicians. Burnell has been working with Spin Master as an artist and pattern designer since 2015, which has brought her artwork to a global audience on children's toys like Etch-A-Sketch and Hatchimals. Her struggle with mental illness has informed much of her work, and her love of bright colours and magical imagery is a direct response to her dark and twisty brain.

Artistic Statement

Through layered kaleidoscope imagery and a full spectrum of vivid colours I explore transformation and recovery, informed by my experiences with mental illness. My process involves digital painting and collage as hundreds of layers are cut, mirrored, rotated, and overlaid in a repetitive and therapeutic process, manipulating bits and pieces until desired shapes and textures emerge. The creation of these pieces has allowed me to reflect and process my feelings while occupying my anxious mind, and in the end each one feels like a snapshot of the inner workings of my brain. Representing my brain as something magical and beautiful, in contrast to its dark and twisty nature, has been a vital tool in my struggle through mental illness, and has provided me with the opportunity to heal through the creation process.


Graphic/Digital Art

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