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Brianne Burnell

Brianne Burnell is a mixed media artist from Toronto, Ontario. Her work is intuitive and explorative, more interested in the process of combining colours, textures, and shapes to create unexpected results than executing a specific image. In this process, she finds calm and softness, and this serene feeling is passed on to the viewer. Brianne has been working professionally since 2013, creating artwork for the City of Toronto, The Brain Project, Spin Master children's toys, PATCH Project, Collective Arts Brewing, and a variety of local and international print publications.

Artistic Statement

I create my work through a process of collecting, building, and arranging. Each piece contains textures from found photography, scanned found objects, and original paintings, layered with blocks of colour and arranged piece by piece like a collage. The shapes and compositions are inspired by aerial maps, faceted crystals, and the ways nature is simultaneously geometric and wild.


Graphic/Digital Art

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