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Brendan George Ko

Brendan George Ko (b.1986, Toronto, ON) is a document-based storyteller raised in Ontario, New Mexico, Texas, and Hawai’i,, and is now based in Toronto and Maui.

Ko received his BFA in photography from Ontario College of Art & Design in 2010, and completed a Masters in Visual Arts at the University of Toronto in 2014. Here his practice shifted further into video and sound under the guidance of Kim Tomczak. Ko has shown his work locally and internationally including solos with Angell Gallery, Toronto; Contact Gallery, Toronto; LE Gallery, Toronto and group shows with Frogner Stasjon, Oslo; Red Hook Labs, Brooklyn; Birch Contemporary, Toronto; Camden Image Gallery, London. Ko has been the recipient of numerous awards including Contact Festival Portfolio Award (2017), Magenta Flash Forward Finalist (2018), Red Hook Lab’s New Artist Finalist (2018). He is also included within several collections including Scotiabank, TD Bank and BMO Financial Group.

Artistic Statement

Throughout his life he has lived in many different places. Although he would eventually leave these locations, the stories, cultures, and experiences remain with him forever. His practice is about sharing these places, people, and their stories with a wider audience by using the medium of visual arts. Each story is unique and, therefore, determines what context he uses. Over the course of his practice this has taken on the forms of photography, video, sound, sculpture, installation, literature, web-design, and curation. Though his medium and stories change; his goal has always been to provide a transparency into cultures and people that are unfamiliar or misconceived, by representing their voices through art.



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