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Brendan George Ko

Brendan George Ko is a visual storyteller that works in photography, video, installation, text, and sound. His work is about conveying a sense of experience through storytelling and describes the image as supplementary to the story it represents. In 2010, Ko received his BFA from Ontario College of Art & Design where he majored in photography, and in addition he practiced sculpture and curation. During his time in the Masters in Visual Arts programme at the University of Toronto his practice shifted into video and sound with the guidance of Kim Tomczak. Ko’s work has been included in such events as The Magenta Foundation’s annual photography exhibition and publication, Flash Forward, the juried exhibition Hey! Hot Shot by Jen Bekman in New York City, and in numerous auctions such as ACT’s Snap! Live Auction, Buddies in Bad Times' Art Attack Auction, and Youthline’s Line Art Auction. In addition he has been commissioned by The Hospital for Sickkids and the Harbourfront Centre.

Artistic Statement

Throughout my life I have lived in many different places. Although I would eventually leave these locations, the stories, cultures, and experiences remain with me forever. My practice is about sharing these places, people, and their stories with a wider audience by using the medium of visual arts. Each story is unique and, therefore, determines what context I use. Over the course of my practice this has taken on the forms of photography, video, sound, sculpture, installation, literature, web-design, and curation. Though my medium and stories change; my goal has always been to provide a transparency into cultures and people that are unfamiliar or misconceived, by representing their voices through art.



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