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Charles Okah

While travelling around in India, South Africa, Dubai, United States, Dominican Republic, Haiti, France and Niger, Boloebi noticed the similarities of each place to their native Nigeria; He saw a unique mix of cross-cultural influences in each of them. He recognized the beauty that exists when we as human beings focus less on dividing ourselves, and instead embrace our diversity and merge as a species. Boloebi studied Art at University of Kansas where he graduated with a BFA in Visual Arts. He moved to Toronto in 2014. His hope is to impart a powerful sense of familiarity, confusion, tension and intrigue to viewers of diverse backgrounds.

Artistic Statement

I intend to create art that incorporates aspects of different cultures to create a single image. My works are linked by recurring themes of pattern and design rendered with a variety of materials and processes. My art aims to mix and merge familiar scenes and designs from different parts of the world into a united image.


Painting, Mixed Media

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