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Bareket Kezwer

Bareket is a Toronto based visual artist, muralist, graphic designer, curator, writer and eternal optimist. She creates art to spread joy, bring people back into the present moment, cultivate gratitude and foster new social interactions. Bareket is an inquisitive, adaptive and active urban resident dedicated to making Toronto more socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable. She is a passionate street artist and can be found spreading smiles as she explores Toronto’s alleyways and hidden corners on her bike.

Artistic Statement

My work is motivated by my desire to spread positivity, cultivate gratitude and foster new social interactions. I work with bright colours and bold patterns to captivate people's attention and fill them joy. I try to connect with as many people as possible around my message of positivity and use each beautiful prompt to grow the collective conversation about the power of gratitude and optimism.


Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art, Painting, Aerosol

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