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Asli Alin

Asli Alin was born in Istanbul and immigrated to Canada in 2002. Alin formally studied Landscape Architecture and Photography and worked as a Landscape Architect for 15 years. While Alin always considered herself an artist, her professional career began when she was commissioned by the City of Burlington to create five public art benches. Her art has been featured in a number of galleries throughout Toronto and abroad. Alin lives and works in Toronto.

Artistic Statement

Alin is inspired and fascinated by nature’s recurring forms and how they appear in a multitude of different ways in the world around us. She creates imaginary landscapes and ecosystems in which harmony arises from and overcomes an underlying chaos. These themes are echoed in her process, which bridges both improvization followed by meticulous planning. Alin’s mixed media paintings are created through the layering of alcohol and acrylic inks on various materials, over which she adds delicate line work. The inks combine, blend, and even repel each other creating dreamy, fluid, organic shapes.


Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art, Painting, Mixed Media

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