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Anya Mielniczek

Anya Mielniczek is a Polish-Canadian artist who lives and works in Thornhill, ON. The artist completed her fine art degree at Queen’s University in Kingston, with a semester exchange at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Last year she completed a year long fellowship at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga where she was granted interdisciplinary studio space between the painting, drawing and wood studios. Mielniczek continues to stay active in the Toronto art scene taking part in the art shows and events the city has to offer. She is interested in taking her art abroad and is looking forward to continuing to develop and explore her vision at INSTINC Studios in Singapore at the end of this year.  

Artistic Statement

As an artist I’m inspired by the world around me, by up-cycled materials, moody images and most importantly the state of our environment and the treatment of our resources and wildlife. I’m provoked by society’s mass consumption and the effects this has on our earth and our quality of life. My work is embedded with a visual history stored between layers, textures and the energy felt in unaltered lines. I’m interested in experimenting with mixed mediums, creating physical impressions through different application methods and a play between a real and fantastical aesthetic. The intention behind my portraiture work is to question the viewer through the pieces’ gaze and distortions while my collage work highlights our disposable culture. Currently I want to work towards a connection between my portraits and material art to create a greater narrative that evokes dialogue pertinent to environmental issues -- informing myself as well as viewers, on the obstacles nature faces.


Painting, Mixed Media

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