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Anya Mielniczek

Anya Mielniczek is a Toronto based artist working in various forms of art creation and facilitation since graduating from Queen’s University in 2012.

Her interest and curiosity in materials as literal as garbage bits and love for all mediums including: graphite, paint, resin, watercolour, aerosol, and marker commonly make-up pieces in the artists heavily media mixed portfolio.

She’s pursued local and international residencies, exhibiting work in solo and group shows and exhibitions in Toronto and abroad. Seasonal shifts in style and design are a literal connection to the emotional environment, time and place Mielniczek responds too, collectively her art is a continuous flow of experiments reflecting current interests, and explorations connected to themes surrounding human nature and emotion primarily through portraiture. Her passion for the environment has also lead Mielniczek to explore effects of human consumption through material collage and installations. Representations of native plants, pollinators, endangered species, climate change and plastic pollution have all been sources of inspiration, most recently in mural and public art forms.

The artist has assisted, lead, taught and managed programming with both youth and adults of various ages with such organizations as Mural Routes, Art Starts, Vibe, the TDSB, Cultural Hotspot and StART. These experiences have allowed Mielniczek to witness first hand, the limitless benefits public art has infusing life, imagination, pride, and colour, while beautifying city surfaces and strengthening these connections with its inhabitants. With this in mind she looks forward to more opportunities being able to create street art realities.

Artistic Statement

I’m inspired by nature above everything. The rhythms and forms found in her organic bodies. In contrast, with the waste we produce and materials we consume, so I work with physical and up-cycled materials, shedding light on the material volume we lifestyle and the implications this has on our one home. Introspective work stems from nameless muses, moody online images, and self-portraits. My art encompasses a visual history of my process, compiled of layers, textures, and the energy felt in unaltered lines. Along with a high attention to detail, I’m interested in experimenting with various mediums, creating physical impressions through different application methods, and playing between a real and fantastical aesthetic. My goal is to create work with purpose and passion. To engage and raise awareness, hopefully inform change and add energy and light through colour and paint on more city surfaces. Public art and murals invite cultural conversation, an artistic tapestry, a felt touch or a community connection over advertising, and grey and empty spaces. That’s a great addition to any city- or corner of the world.


Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art, Painting, Aerosol, Photography, Mixed Media

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