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Anna Polistuk

Anna Polistuk is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto. She has a diverse practice that involves painting, illustration, photography and sound. Her work is inspired by the human-nature relationship and research into consciousness and identity. Anna has studied psychology, film, photography and scenography as well as meditation, hypnosis, yoga and ceremony. She is interested in engaging with art as a sister methodology to science, a way to explore difficult to conceptualize experiences such that of being human, the “self”, sensations of heightened awareness, and relationships with land.

She has exhibited her work across Canada and the United States. In addition to her studio practice, she is actively involved in community focused arts projects which have included documentary research on feminicide in Guatemala, organizing neighbourhood art and dance events here in Toronto, and most recently, working as curator and designer with Taboo Health, non-profit organization creating public art exhibitions that open dialogue on complex and challenging issues in contemporary health care.

Artistic Statement

Our relationship with nature is changing rapidly. While it feels off balance and out of control, there also exists alongside a movement of those seeking to realign through deepening their connection with the land. My work explores my own experience of this: the craving for belonging and purpose, the change in consciousness that a deepening identification with nature provides, and how profound experiences on the land can reframe the search for what is at the essence of being alive.

I use vibrant colour and a mix of abstract and folk imagery to create mystical technicoloured landscapes that attempt to depict these abstract experiences. I am inspired by the diversity of techniques and practices that have been used to traverse the intangible and indescribable, including: iconography, sacred art of all forms, geometry, cartography, math, visions and the mapping of patterns, biorhythms, and sound. I am fascinated by the ways that art and science can work together to deepen our exploration of these unknown spaces.


Collage, Illustration, Painting, Photography, Mixed Media

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