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Anjuli Solanki

Anjuli Solanki draws inspiration from the conceptual dynamics of culture and society. Her work is largely influenced by cross cultural intersections and identity deconstruction; South Asian heritage and exposure to Pacific North-West First Nations and Rwandan contemporary art. Anjuli is a self-taught painter, and joined the Artists’ Network as soon as she moved to Toronto in 2012. Her work can be found in collections in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, London, and Kigali.

Artistic Statement

My art practice primarily uses oil and canvas, but has also explored temporal public art and found objects. I enjoy experimenting, exploring, and using different artistic material – something which I hope to explore further through PATCH. I hope that my work would influence the public realm by creating vibrant, more enjoyable, and safer spaces for people to traverse through, but also have the potential to inspire creativity.


Painting, Mixed Media

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