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Andrea Manica

Andrea is a Toronto-based illustrator and mural artist. She attended OCAD for illustration and completed her thesis in April of 2012. In 2013, Andrea joined the all-female mural collective called The Buck Teeth Girls Club. In February of 2015, she travelled to Argentina for a mural painting residency at Proyecto Ace artist-in-residence centre. Andrea has painted murals internationally in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Melbourne, and Yogyakarta, Indonesia. In Toronto, she has worked with organizations StART and Bell Box Murals. Andrea's collaborator, Caitlin Taguibao, has helped her complete elaborate murals for Daniels Corporation in Scarborough (2017) and YES Shelter in Peterborough (2018).

Artistic Statement

My art is inspired by nature, playfulness, femininity, and honesty. The intent of my mural work is to create paintings in non-exclusive settings, beautifying the urban landscape and reaching all people.

I sketch my piece and often scan it to test colour schemes on photo editing software. From that maquette, I either trace straight on the wall or project my image, depending on the wall’s size. I use outdoor acrylics applied with brushes.

My pieces are often surreal, featuring bizarre plants and fantastic creatures. I employ bold linework, flat colours, and gradients. I frequently collaborate with other female artists in the drawing stage and painting stage. Collaboration gives the pieces new life and allows for fluid innovation throughout the creative process.


Illustration, Graphic/Digital Art, Painting

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