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Andre Kan

Andre Kan is a Toronto-based artist with a primary focus in abstract painting. Graduated in 2014, Andre is currently practicing full time and making a living off of art. His current work investigates the architectural interpretations that respond to our ever advancing society, and suggests what 'possibility' means through self discovery.

Artistic Statement

Enlivened by his interest in spacial structures and interconnectivity, Andre Kan's paintings serve as excitable blueprints for a possible reality. Each work depicts the artists' signature imaginative building blocks that converge and begin to build upon each other and strengthening each other towards an ever transforming space. Kan's structures are substantial and complex but not yet anchored - they float suspended in his psychological space. In this way Kan's buildings remain a playful proposition for the viewer not yet tied to a specific place or function. With his dynamic formations, Kan propels us towards an ever optimistic future where new connections and constructions have yet to materialize.


Graphic/Digital Art, Painting, Aerosol, Installation Art

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