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Andre Castro

Andre Castro holds a Bachelors of Graphic Design from University of La Salle, Leon, Mexico. He arrived to Toronto in 2006 to pursue his passion and career in art. Over the last eight years Andre has worked closely with Toronto Arts Community, specifically painting murals for U for Change, Developing and Designing Commission
Projects for Daniels Spectrum, and has also supported new emerging businesses by
enhancing visual appearance of their store fronts.

Artistic Statement

The reason I choose to be in the arts is due to the utmost passion, joy and freedom I experience
through painting, drawing or graffiti work. Even in the early stages of my life I remember drawing
animals and creating comics which have led me to realize that making art is an essential part of my life.

My creative process and inspirations derive from abstract forms, architectural design, flora & fauna and
geometric shapes. While expressing myself I try to combine all of these aspects into my own visions,
as well as exploring conceptual spaces within my own mind.

Materials and Timelines always vary depending on the projects I am working on, and those usually
include spray cans, fine liners, acrylics and canvas. Average time spent on pieces included is
anywhere between 3-7 days.


Painting, Aerosol

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