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Aleksandra Wadas

It was shortly after her near-death experience that Aleks began to explore different states of consciousness in her work.
Identifying herself as a bi-cultural artist, Aleks was born and raised in Poland and immigrated to Canada where she is currently living and working. She finds her identity in the integration of traditions and cultural-effects of both nations, along with continuously facing struggles of displacement, loneliness and cultural dichotomies.

In her creative process, Aleks uses knives and found objects in place of traditional brushes. She does not seek to create work which can be seen as pretty, predictable or bound by traditional gender-related imagery. Rather, Aleks’ style can be described as overpowered by rawness and roughness of elements resembling urban graffiti tags while still being painterly and lyrical. Aleks creates her paintings in layers — done in either a subconscious or a conscious manner, as well as somewhere in between.

She sees the act of painting as a silent dialogue with her own creations. She creates her works in an “in-home” studio in order to be able to “live” with her creations and to continue her dialogue even when she is not consciously working. Each one of Aleks’ works is completely intuitive and unplanned as she assists it in organically evolving through its own state of entropy. Or as she calls it “organized chaos”... Aleks holds a Science degree with minors in Psychology and Visual Art from the University of Windsor (‘12) and is currently living and working in Toronto. Her work can be found in private collections and public spaces in Canada, United States and Europe.

Artistic Statement

As an artist experienced in working on anything from a small canvas to a three story building, Aleksandra understands that the setting, the audience and the scale of the work will affect both creative process and expression. In her paintings, Aleksandra’s figures are placed in spaces with no clear links to a specific place or time. The works are dream-like and ambiguous, yet filled with a feeling of familiarity and intimacy. Aleksandra likes to experiment with the idea of the female form, as viewed through the eyes of another female. But most of all, she experiments with colour and explores its use as light.



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