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Adrian Hayles

At the age of nine, Toronto-­based illustrator Adrian Hayles discovered the expressive nature of the visual arts. With his continued artistic development, illustration became his deepest passion and talent. His desire to learn and absorb from his surroundings led him on a personal creative journey. As a graduate of the Graphic Design program at Humber College with over 10 years of working experience behind him, Adrian has established his place in Toronto’s modern art community. His style is provocative and inspiring and defies categorization.

Blurring the lines between graffiti and ultra realism, Adrian’s voice and vision is instantly identifiable. His works include countless portraits and illustrations for various magazines and collaborations with the City of Toronto to develop murals for vacant community spaces.

In the past Adrian has painted complete buildings and city blocks, designed award winning video games and animated television shows. He has also successfully developed and filed a functioning patent for the Stud Horse Foldable Drawing Bench and is the Principal and Founder of Behind the Front Visual Arts Studio.

Artistic Statement

My work examines urban culture and entertainment. My pieces are supereal with Hip Hop and graffiti influences. It explores the varying relationship between popular culture and fine art. My love for lines as design elements are signature. While I use a variety of materials and processes in each project my methodology is consistent.

My ambitions are to continue to work in large formats. During research and production new areas of interest arise and lead to the next body of work. Each project often consists of multiple works, often in a range of different media, grouped around specific themes and meanings.


Graphic/Digital Art, Painting, Aerosol

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