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  2. Visual Support: In order to be considered, you must provide 5 high resolution JPEG images (no larger than 2mb). We encourage pieces with horizontal/landscape orientation and pieces without large amounts of white, blank, or lightly coloured space (helps to minimize the chance of hoarding being tagged); please avoid images with glare or shadows, and crop if possible.

    Here’s what we’re looking for:


    Please also indicate if you still have access to each piece (as they often need to be re-photographed for the client) via the checkbox.

  4. As an Applicant to The PATCH Project, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

    I, (herein referred to as "the Artist"), hereby understand that I am submitting an application to participate in The Public Art Through Construction Hoarding Project (herein after referred to as "PATCH"), and that the information provided here is, to the best of my knowledge, correct and truthful. I understand that not all applicants will be selected for participation in PATCH.

    Should the Applicant be accepted as a PATCH Artist:


    (a) PATCH, its directors, officers, and/or partners a license to record, film or photograph the Submitted “Works” (uploaded here or through alternatively arranged means) and to reproduce, display, publish, re-format, store, or distribute the Submitted Works, along with the Artist’s name, biography, and artistic statement (collectively the “Artist Information”), on the PATCH website, printed promotional material, social media platforms, and/or broadcast media as determined by PATCH, for the purposes of securing and promoting collaborative projects between the Client, the Artist, and PATCH.
    (b) PATCH a licence to reproduce, publish, re-format, store, or distribute the Submitted Works for the purpose of displaying the Works on the Site in the format selected by the Client, upon entering into a contract governing the Works’ permissions of use and a payment schedule for artist fees.


    (a) Should the Artist's Works be selected by a Client, to enter into a contract with PATCH that governs the Works’ permissions of use and a payment schedule for artist fees;
    (b) That s/he is engaged in an independent business and agrees, and that any services s/he performs as part of the PATCH Project are performed as an independent contractor, not as a partner, agent, employee or servant of PATCH;
    (c) To not solicit, directly contact, or provide services to any of the Clients that the Artist has connected with by way of the Artist’s participation in PATCH, for projects that fall under the purview of the Services outlined on the "Services" page of the PATCH website, including the installation of public art on construction sites;
    (d) To complete a PATCH Artist Registration Survey, and subsequent surveys annually while engaged as a PATCH Artist; and
    (e) To provide additional images, of the highest quality, upon the request of PATCH, its directors, officers and/or partners. And, where available, provide access to original works for PATCH, its directors, officer and/or partners to photograph or scan existing works at the necessary resolution.


    (a) To provide the Artist’s name and the Submitted Works to the Client where, in PATCH’s sole opinion, the Submitted Works would be suitable to the Client’s project ;
    (b) To not distribute the Submitted Works outside of the specified uses outlined in this Agreement;
    (c) To provide an opportunity for the Artist to update the Artist Information on an annual basis, should changes be necessary
    (d) That the copyright rights, moral rights, and related design, drawings, sketches, and models will remain and continue to be owned by the Artist, subject to the licence that PATCH or Clients have to, among others, reproduce, display and transport the Submitted Works