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Soteeoh is a Toronto born street photographer. Through composition and subject selection, his work presents a subjective and stylized view of daily urban life. He draws mainly from influences in the realms of design, architecture, and fashion combined with an obsessive appreciation for urban grit. Symmetry, pattern and colour are used as primary devices in composing his images. The artist’s work coincides with the growing urban digital photography movement championed by online platforms such as Instagram and VSCO. Digital manipulation and post processing are an increasingly valued part of the photographic process.

Artistic Statement

I am an urban photographer focusing specifically on street scenes and environmental portraiture. I create images as a means of self-exploration as well as social observation. My photography, like my artist name (Soteeoh), is inspired largely by the city of Toronto. I am instantly inspired by the city’s incredible diversity of cultures and ideas, but alarmed at the segmentation of the population and the inaccessibility of certain areas experienced primarily by people of colour and low incomes. My work is about reinterpreting the people and spaces in Toronto and attempting to imagine alternative possibilities. Crowded public spaces are often depicted in an empty state, open for new possibilities. Through the use of careful subject placement, I also depict people interacting with the city in new or unconventional ways again with the intention of deconstructing current social constructs.


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