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Gavin Lottering

Gavin's parents were artists by career in South-Africa; after immigrating to Canada they became art teachers. He was born into an artistic environment — having visited art happenings and galleries before he could even form memories. Gavin later went to a high school with an intensive art program, and made connections with fellow artists. Today he continues to make new media art through video and generative digital processes.

Artistic Statement

Digital art exists at the fringes of art curation, and it needs an alternative to traditional gallery spaces to reach an audience. Being a VJ is a practical starting point for me to launch into generative art using the Processing platform to create large format printed pieces; this short computer program reads each image and produces a mosaic by identifying the colour at a specific location and filling a shape with that hue.

These pieces challenge us to lift the veil in our ordinary day by trying to perceive a face made up of many small colour swatches. They suggest a face very strongly in some cases, but in others our mind is left to guess. They delight us by waking up our imagination and interpretive psychology.



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